How to prevent sagging by beautifying a woman's face?

How to prevent sagging by beautifying a woman's face?

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Associated with fat volume loss (in the cheeks, around the eyes, in the valley of tears), tissue relaxation alters the balance and shape of the face.

The classic image of the inverted triangle is quite illuminating: on a young face, the base of the triangle is located at the level of the cheekbones and is refined towards the tip of the chin. As we age, sagging widens the lower part of the face while the upper part, at the cheekbones and temples, loses volume.

In women, the demand for treatment of the oval of the face is common because it is the area that most commonly refers to skin ageing, due to a strong slackening. To correct the oval of the face, it is then necessary to work with "lift" points using deep fixing points.

Discover in our training the different techniques to deal with this subject in the company of the Expert Dr. Sébastien-François Durieux, Aesthetic Physician (France).

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