Treatment of the perioral region

Treatment of the perioral region

The harmonious proportions are based on those of Nature, therefore on the Golden Number (Phi - 1.618) found in the spiral of the snail shell, in the orientation of the flower petals and also on the face, where the proportions can be based on this famous Phi. Dr. Eric Essayagh created and built a "Compass of Harmony" to assess what should be kept as is and what can be improved.

In order to achieve natural-looking results, it is essential to have a good control of the volume: to know how to correct or reposition the volumes while avoiding over-corrections.
But it is also necessary to respect the topography of the points of light and shadow which gives an impression of volume and relief, but also, of vitality. In the perioral region these points of light are found on the Cupid's bow, on the three lobes of the upper lip and on the two lobes of the lower lip. By injecting these points of light, the mouth becomes natural-looking and alive again.

Dr Essayagh offers you in this training course to discover his different techniques to measure all these proportions with the compass in order to then harmonize them with each other with hyaluronic acid injections.

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